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ANNUAL AWARD WINNERS — Robert Moore, Marketing, Quantitative Analysis and Business Law, Grisham Master Teacher Award. The MSU Alumni Association and Provost's Office sponsored the annual recognition program held Tuesday night.  (Apr 23, 2008 Photo by Kristen Hines)


HONORED BY MSU — During Mississippi State's 2007 Faculty Awards and Recognition Program Thursday, three faculty members received university-wide honors. Robert B. Reese, left, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, received the John Grisham Master Teacher Award; Darren Hudson, professor of agricultural economics, received the MSU Alumni Association Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award; and Ray Vaughn (not pictured), professor of computer science and engineering, was named a William L. Giles Distinguished Professor.  (Apr 27, 2007 Photo by Megan Bean)


HONORED BY MSU — During Mississippi State's 2006 Faculty Awards and Recognition Program, three faculty members received university-wide honors. Arthur G. Cosby (l) was named a William L. Giles Distinguished Professor, while Keith Koenig (c) received the John Grisham Master Teacher Award and Robert B. Reese, the MSU Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award. Cosby is director of the Social Science Research Center; Koenig, an aerospace engineering professor; and Reese, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.  (Apr 06, 2006 Photo by Russ Houston)


Mississippi State faculty member Melissa Moore accepts the 2005 John Grisham Master Teacher Award from Louis R. D'Abramo, chair of the University Instructional Improvement Committee, during Tuesday's 40th annual faculty recognition event. Moore is an associate professor of marketing, quantitative analysis and business law in MSU's College of Business and Industry. The award recognizes excellence in teaching. (Apr 27, 2005 Photo by Russ Houston)


John Grisham Master Teacher Award winners for 2004 are Thomas P. Cathcart, professor of agricultural and biological engineering, and Jamie B. Mixon, professor of art.


Associate professors Allison W. Pearson (l) and Donna S. Reese received 2003 John Grisham Awards. Pearson, a member of the management and information systems faculty, and Reese, of computer science and engineering, are both Grisham Master Teachers.


Rodney A. Pearson was seleceted as 2002 Grisham Master Teacher. Pearson is a Professor of Management Information Systems at the College of Business and Industry.


The 2001 additions include (l-r) Dr. Louis R. D'Abramo, professor, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; Dr. William N. Smyer, associate professor, Department of Industrial Engineering; Dr. Kenneth M. Coffey, associate professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; and Dr. Masoud Rais-Rohani, associate professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering.


The 2000 additions include (l-r) Marita Gootee of art; Keith L. Belli of forestry; Matt R. Raven of information technology services; Diane L. Daniels of mathematics and statistics; and L. Wes Burger Jr. of wildlife and fisheries.


Author and MSU alumnus John Grisham (c) presented the five Grisham Master Teacher awards at a recent campus ceremony. Grisham Master Teachers for 1998 are (l-r) Richard B. Wolf, English; Linda W. Morse, educational psychology; Steven H. Bullard, forestry; Marion B. Couvillion, communication; and Karen S. Coats, biological sciences.


The new Grisham Master Teachers for 1997 winners pictured with President Donald Zacharias, include (left to right) Dr. Benjamin Blaney, Professor of Foreign Language; Dr. Noel Addy, Associate Professor of Accountancy; and Dr. Howard Miller, Professor Emeritus of Animal & Dairy Sciences. Not pictured is Dr. Shannon Criss, Associate Professor of Architecture.


The 1996 Grisham Master Teachers at Mississippi State University included (left to right) Esther H. Egley, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction; Rebecca Toghiani, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering; Michael Newman, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education; Paul Grootkerk, Professor of Art; and Nancy G. McCarley, Lecturer in Psychology.


The John Grisham master Teachers and Faculty Excellence Award winners for 1995 were announced at Fall Faculty Convocation. Larry L. Branch (left), Engineering Graphics, and Nancy D. Hargrove, English, are Grisham Master Teachers.


Drs. Sandra H. Harpole and Hank Flick, second from right, were among three faculty members receiving 1994-95 John Grisham Master Teacher Awards at Mississippi State. Also honored at the recent faculty convocation was Dr. Robert E. Wolverton Sr., who was out of town. Harpole is an Associate Professor of Physics; Flick, Professor of Communication and Assistant Department Head; and Wolverton, Professor and Head of Foreign Languages. Extending congratulations were President Donald Zacharias, left, and Provost Derek Hodgson. The awards include $3,000 a year for two years. Master teachers serve as role models and mentors for their colleagues during the 48-month period.


Five faculty members were also honored for teaching excellence on August 20, 1993 during the fall semester Faculty Convocation. Hank Flick of the Communication Department, left, received the $2,500 Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award, while $3,000 Master Teacher Awards went to, second from left to right, Sue Minchew of the English Department, Kathleen (Kit) T. Brown of the Foreign Languages Department, Tom Carskasdon of the Psychology Department, and B. Keith Hodge of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Grisham Faculty Excellence Award

(no longer awarded as of 1998)


The 1996 Grisham Teaching Excellence Award at Mississippi State University, pictured with President Donald Zacharias, included (left to right) Dr. Chante Cox, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Dr. John Usher, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering; Dr. Gary Myers, English; Dr. John Forde, Associate Professor, Communication, Dr. Roy Decker, Architecture.


The new Grisham Teaching Excellence Award 1996 winners include (left to right) Gregory J. Watson, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Masoud Rais-Rohani, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering; Ricky L. Travis, Assistant Professor of Political Science; and Jamie B. Mixon, Associate Professor of Art. Not pictured is Douglas W. McConnell, Associate Professor of Music Education.


Linda K. Seckinger (far left), Art; Richard M. Kaminski, Wildlife and Fisheries; and Lynn L. Reinschmiedt (far right), Agricultural Economics, were winners of Grisham Faculty Excellence Awards in 1995. The awards are accompanied by $2,000 checks. Faculty Convocation was led this year by Mary A. Jasper (second from right), Associate Professor of Engineering Graphics.


Six Mississippi State instructors began the 1994-95 school year as new holders of John Grisham Faculty Excellence Awards. At the faculty convocation, the awards were presented to, from left, Dr. Louis R. D'Abramo, Dr. Christopher M. Duncan, Margaret S. Bateman, Dr. Jung P. Shim, Dr. Paul Grootkerk, and Brent Funderburk. D'Abramo is a professor of Wildlife and Fisheries; Duncan, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Bateman, Assistant Professor of Home Economics; Shim, Professor of Information Systems and Management Science; and Grootkerk and Funderburk, both Professors of Art. The awards are accompanied by $2,000 checks.


The first John Grisham Faculty Excellence Awards were presented Aug. 20,1993 during the fall semester Faculty Convocation. Honored were from left, Clyde Williams and Patrick Creevy of the English Department, Jack L. Bartlett of the Art Department, and John W. Fuquay of the Department of Animal and Dairy Science. The university's Instructional Improvement Committee sponsors convocation.

Grisham Fellow Award

(no longer awarded as of 2002)


Paul Grootkerk